Hernest Hemingway was enchanted by the sea and its lush pine woods, so much so that he called it “the Florida of Italy”.
Today Lignano is the perfect holiday destination for thousands of people from across Europe, as here visitors can find everything they may wish, from the lively nightlife, sparkling clubs open until dawn, exclusive concerts of music stars, shopping, the opportunity to practice a lot of sports and breath-taking nature trails waiting to be discovered.


Lignano, the pearl of the Adriatic
The golden beach of Lignano is not far from the Golf Club. A magical place where you can bask in the sun or dive into the water for a refreshing swim. Whatever way you want to experience the beach – lying in the shade in total relaxation or experiencing the thrill of parasailing – there are many opportunities at your disposal, with one goal only: absolute well-being.


Mooring near the Golf Club
Lignano Golf Club is located a few hundred meters from the Marina Uno Marina, on the mouth of the Tagliamento, or – a little further on – from the docks of Aprilia Marittima, which overlooks the Marano lagoon. Boating enthusiasts can moor here and enjoy a nice round of Golf with the utmost comfort or, vice versa, after having fun on our course they can also rent a boat and set sail for the open sea. Who said that you cannot have more than one passion?


Where notes become emotion
Every year Lignano plays host to memorable concerts of national and international rock stars that make a fixed stop here. Moreover, within an hour’s drive from here, there are many unmissable musical events for lovers of classical music, opera, and all kinds of music from folk to jazz.


Cultivate the mind, to discover oneself
A real holiday is also for the mind. In this sense, visiting an exhibition or the presentation of a book, a museum or a historical location can be extraordinarily satisfying. From Lignano Golf Club you can easily get to one of the many interesting destinations that are all within easy reach of here. Click on the links on the side to find out which ones.


There are so many and varied events that you can participate in within a short range of Lignano Golf Club! Please see the list below. Friuli Doc, Mittelfest, Flavors of the Frontier, Flavors Pro Loco, Folkest, the Operetta Festival, èStoria, the Color Run, and many others. You are spoiled for choice!


Lignano Sabbiadoro stands for holidays, sea, golf and, why not, cycling trips. Download our Easy, Medium and Pro trails designed to suit everyone’s abilities and technical levels.


Explorers of taste
Friuli Venezia Giulia, as we know, is a land of renowned and excellent wines. At the end of a day on our 18 holes, it is really nice to lose oneself in the hushed atmosphere of the cellars that organize tastings for our guests, drinking in the aromas, scents and flavors of wines some still little known or others already famous around the world. Wines that express traditions, passions, stories of men, of peoples, nature and the art of doing things well.
A world just waiting for you to discover.


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